District 4 Commissioner


Carl Zalak III, Chairman
Marion County Commissioner
District 4

I am proud to call Marion County my home. As a business owner and civic leader I have dedicated myself to improving our community. This is where I am raising my children and making investments for the future. There is no doubt that we are facing difficult challenges, but I am optimistic about the future of our county and the opportunities we have to make a positive impact and difference.

I will face the tough issues of jobs and solid waste with my fellow board members. I want to protect our water rights, reduce wasteful spending, and stand up for our constitutional freedoms. With hard work and determination, we can preserve Marion County's beauty, safety, and resources while eliminating over-reaching and ineffective government. I am excited to serve you.

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Phone:  352-438-2323                                        601 SE 25th Ave.
Fax:      352-438-2324                                        Ocala, FL 34471


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