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Tie-down and hangar rentals

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Hangar LeasingAirport-tiedown2

The T-hangars are each individually insulated and include five wall outlets
in each hangar, bright lighting (inside and out) and water on each corner.

 Quantity    Size    Price (monthly)
14   40 x 33 T-hangar   $250
2   40 x 33 T-hangar (bonus area)   $300
28   42 x 33 T-hangar   $250
4   42 x 33 T-hanger (bonus area)   $300

Varies (Under Construction)


Contact Airport for Pricing

  Wait list for all hangars   Contact Airport for Wait List


Tie-down (airport parking):

Currently there is not a wait list for tie-downs. Rope and chocks are not supplied.

Quantity   Size   Price (monthly)
50 Tie-down $35