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The Animal Center is Marion County’s only open-admission shelter. This means the shelter doesn’t selectively accept only the most adoptable animals; no animal is turned away, regardless of how sick, old, aggressive or potentially undesirable it might be to some. More than 11,000 animals enter the shelter each year; some are strays or lost pets, some are rescues from cruelty cases and some are turned in by their owners who can’t or don’t want to care for them any longer.

Staff places healthy and friendly animals up for adoption, and generally doesn’t impose time limits on how long they can stay. Some animals have stayed at the shelter for months until they found the perfect forever home.

For animals that are too young, old or sick to be placed for adoption, staff often works to partner with foster homes or rescue groups. Regardless of the animal or circumstance, each animal is cared for and provided a safe, clean and caring environment for the duration of its stay.

      Marion County Animal Services brochure