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Requested numbers

Main/front desk

Front desk
Director/Building Official Michael L. Savage, Sr. 352-438-2435
Building Manager Chad Wicker 352-438-2408
Administration  Anna Carpenter 352-438-2459


Inspections and Plans Review Manager Doug Newbanks 352-438-2474
  Doug Newbanks (cell)  352-572-6274
Inspection Supervisor Charlie Daniels 352-438-2476
  Charlie Daniels (cell)  352-572-6253

The AIRS - Automated Inspection Requests System will no longer be available after July 1, 201

Inspectors (cell) Jeanette Borrone (cell) 352-572-6265
Mike Brown (cell) 352-789-1373
Jesse DeLeon< (cell) 352-572-6258
Mark Clark cell) 352-789-3087
Michael Dahl (cell) 352-789-3224
Larry Givens (cell) 352-789-4386
Don Hanchar (cell) 352-598-8178
Jeff Hamm (cell) 352-840-3673
Roddi Hoefert (cell) 352-789-4097 
Eddie Jackson (cell) 352-572-7989
Greta Larson (cell) 352-572-6257
Ben Maxson (cell) 352-572-6260<
Paul McCarthy (cell) 352-789-1530
Terry Roach(cell) 352-598-8365
Brett Stoltenberg (cell) 352-789-2702
John Vazoulas (cell) 352-572-5234
Tony Wines (cell) 352-207-0668


Permitting and Licensing Division Manager Michelle Fanelli 352-438-2428
Michelle Fanelli (cell) 352-572-6250
  Licensing (fax) 352-438-2430
Contractor Licensing Specialist Lisa Marie Singleton 352-438-2429
Permitting and Licensing Investigator
Jeff Ball (cell) 352-572-6283
  Timothy Greene (cell) 352-789--3922

Property analysis search

Records/Lien Technician Rebecca Harris 352-438-2436


Permitting and Licensing Division Manager Michelle Fanelli 352-438-2428
Permitting and Licensing Technician Supervisor Karen Robinson 352-438-2432
Tracy Cuba 352-438-2438
Permitting and licensing technicians Jeremy Craig
Susan Doyle 352-438-2440
Juan Vicioso 352-438-2450
Virginia Leslie
Bernadine Penchion
Elizabeth Powell 352-438-2439
Tina Myers 352-438-2431
Theresa Swab 352-438-2437
Doretha Thompson 352-438-2433
Michelle Ward 352-438-2406
Lorna Young 352-438-2402
Plans Coordinator Jarrette Dobbs 352-438-2454
Jarrette Dobbs (cell) 352-572-6251
Permit Expeditor Paula Lungari 
EBusiness Tech Angela Sukhdeo

Plans review

Plans Review Supervisor Tony Bewley 352-438-2449
Plans examiners Ron Forte 352-438-2468
Rex Brown 352-438-2451
Nadia Hawatmeh 352-438-2471
Peter Winters 352-438-2455
David Pittman 352-438-2454


Records Technician Keith Fromal 352-438-2442

Requested phone numbers

Florida Department of Health Environmental Health 352-622-7744
Marion County Fire Rescue Fire Marshall 352-291-8050
Marion County Growth Services Impact fee information 352-438-2610
Marion County Growth Services Zoning information 352-438-2675
Marion County MSTU/Assessment Customer service 352-438-2650
Marion County Office of the County Engineer Right-of-way permitting 352-671-8686
Marion County Public Safety Communications 911 addresses 352-671-8460
Marion County Utilities Customer service 352-307-6000
Permitting and Licensing Manager Michelle Fanelli> 352-438-2428