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2010 Census; Marion County
Demographic profile.
Total population, gender, age, race, marital status, households by type, housing occupancy, housing tenure.
- Subdivision and place findings.
Population, housing units, area and density.
- Population estimates, April 1, 2016

Population estimates for Marion County and the Incorporated Cities, April 1, 2016
American Fact Finder summary.
- Population projections, 2020-2045.
Filtered by municipality.
- Quick facts.
National, state and county comparisons.
- Veteran status.
2011-2015 American Fact Finder summary.
- Demographic and Housing Estimates.
2011-2015 ACS five-year estimates; gender and age.
- Populations Estimates.
U.S. Census 2010-2015.

BEBR - Marion County with Florida comparisons
Population projections 2015-2040.
Low, medium and high projections.
- Population projections.
Age, gender, race and Hispanic.
- Population 2010 Census.
Race and Hispanic or Latino origin.

- Population Projections 2020-2045

Age, Sex, Race, Hispanic Origin with estimates for 2015
- Population estimate April 2015.
Population by Marion County Jurisdiction.

- Cities and County April 2016

Marion County Population


- Selected housing characteristics: 2011-2015.
American Community Survey five-year estimates; occupancy, units in structure, year structure built, rooms, bedrooms, housing tenure, year householder moved in, vehicles available, heating fuel, lacking plumbing/kitchen, occupants per room, value, mortgage status, monthly costs, gross rent.
- General housing characteristics: 2010.
County subdivision and place; 2010 Census Summary File 1; county subdivision and place.
Housing by Type.
2010-2014 American Community Survey five-year estimates.
- Employment Status.
2010-2014 American Community Survey five-year estimates.

- Year Structure Built

2011- 2015 ACS 5-year estimates


 - Major facilities
Marion County Public Schools.
Educational attainment.
2009-2013 American Community Survey five-year estimates.
Educational attainment by gender 2000.
Census 2000 summary tape, file 3.
- 2010-2014 Educational attainment.
American Community Survey five-year estimates.


- Land area.
- Federally listed species.
Federally listed species known to be present in Marion County.
- Invasive and nuisance species.
Invasive and nuisance species observed by Marion County Parks and Recreation.
- Agricultural land use.
Land use data agricultural with chart.
- Land use.
Land use data with chart.
- National Climatic Data Center.
Storm events database. 

Economic Data

- Economy Wide Stats:  2012 Economic Census of the United States

- Employment Status:  Selected economic characteristics, 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates: Employment status, Ccmmuting to work, industry, and class of worker, income and benefits, health insurance coverage, percentage below poverty level.
-  Poverty status : Selected characteristics:2010-2014 American Community Survey, five-year estimates.
Gender, age, race, living arrangement, educational attainment, disability status, work status.
- Income in 12-month increments, 2010-2014 American Community Su8rvey 5-Year Estimates - 2012 American Community Survey five-year estimates by income range and median income.
- Occupation and Earnings; 2010-2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates - Poverty status in 1999 of individuals:2000.
Census 2000 summary tape, file 3; sample data by age and gender.
- Employment by industry.
American Community Survey three-year estimates.
- Automotive aftermarket expenditures.
Products and services.
- Financial expenditures.
Marion County assets, annual changes, earnings, liabilities and more.
- House and home expenditures.
Owned dwellings, rented dwellings, vacation homes, household operations.
- Household budget expenditures. 


- 2015 Traffic Count Book.
Ocala/Marion Transportation Planning Organization (TPO).
- 2040 Long-range Transportation Plan.
Ocala/Marion Transportation Planning Organization (TPO).

- Freight and Logistics Overview
Marion County Freight and Logistics Overview, Roads, Railways, Airports, Public Transit, Commuting Characteristics.