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Cost and advantages

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What is the estimated cost for a road assessment program for my street, neighborhood or subdivision?
If completed on a front footage basis, the current estimated cost is $25 to $50 per foot. An estimated per parcel cost can vary depending on the number of assessable parcels being affected and the number of miles in the project.

What are the advantages of paying the assessment in full?
You will save interest, financing fees and borrowing costs that are added from the date of the final hearing after the pre-pay period ends.

When does the pre-pay period begin?
Immediately after the receipt of the Notice of Special Assessment that is mailed to all property owners by certified mail after the final public hearing. This notice will tell tell you how much is owed, and when it is due in order to save the additional costs. This period usually lasts 30 to 60 days after the final hearing is held, sometimes longer, depending on the circumstances.
When will construction begin?
Usually within 45-60 days after the final public hearing is held. All contract documents must be executed by the contractor and the Board of County Commissioners before a Notice to Proceed is created for the contractor.
No construction can commence until:
1. The final public hearing is held.
2. Until the appropriate documents are submitted to Procurement Services by the contractor whose bid is accepted and a Notice to Proceed is issued.

Will the property owners receive refunds if costs are saved during construction?
Refunds are prepared after all costs are calculated by Marion County Clerk of Court's Finance and an amended assessment roll is prepared and submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for acceptance and approval. Refunds are usually sent out after completion of the project and all final costs are known.

Who do I contact to find out how much is owed on my road assessment?
Contact MSTU/Assessment at 352-438-2650.

Advantages to your community when improvements are made with a road assessment program:
1. Increased property values.
2. No potholes or road conditions to damage vehicles or cause expensive vehicle repair.
3. Less dust and dirt getting into your A/C units.
4. Less tax dollars spent on costly road maintenance that washes away with every rain.
5. Assessments can be paid over 7 to 10 years if desired, or paid in full during the pre-pay period.
6. Assessments can be paid in full at any time during the 7 to 10 year period without penalty for early payment.
7. Allows property owners to assess themselves and get their road(s) improved that otherwise may not be available under other circumstances.
8. Makes the property more valuable for re-sale.

Who can be assessed for road and drainage improvements?
All properties which can benefit from the proposed road and drainage improvements - including any parcels outside of the subdivision that front on the proposed road and benefit from the improvements, or whose only access is over the road(s) proposed for improvement - can be assessed. It is important to remember that there may be pre-existing circumstances prohibiting the assessment of certain properties, so each new MSTU project requires research time by county staff to ensure all legal and code requirements are met.

How are affected properties assessed?
Two options are currently used:
1. Per parcel (platted lot).
2. Per front foot.
The Marion County Board of County Commissioners is not limited to these options. Per parcel has been determined to be the most equitable way of assessing properties within road assessment areas to date.

How is the assessment cost derived for each property or owner?
All associated costs including: mailings, inspections, testing, engineering design, construction, contingency, MSTU/Assessment, Finance, Clerk and Bond Counsel are totaled and that cost is divided by the number of assessable parcels or by total assessable footage.

How long do I have to pay for these road assessment costs?
The repayment terms are at the Board's discretion. Citizens have at least seven years, and possibly as many as ten years, to pay the assessment. This amount can be paid off at any time without penalty.

Marion County ordinance 93-02 states that driveways are provided only to occupied lots. Vacant lots do not receive a paved approach unless there is a fence and gate or if a building permit issued before the road assessment project is bid.

Who do I call if I have a problem with my driveway or if I have a complaint or a concern during the construction of the road improvements?
Contact MSTU/Assessment at 352-438-2650.

Why are assessment projects "bundled" for the borrowing to do the construction?
A "stand alone" borrowing may have as much as $50,000 in associated costs. Therefore, several projects are "bundled" to include all of the road assessments that are ready for construction to save borrowing cost if approved at the final public hearing. The amount paid by each assessment area is arrived at by dividing the number of assessable areas into the borrowing costs. The more projects to share in the cost, the lower the costs will be to each assessment area.

Does the bundling process delay the project(s)?
Our goal is to have all projects under construction
within 18 to 24 months after acceptance of the petition by the Board of County Commissioners. Bundling could delay a project somewhat but the short delay will ultimately save money for the citizens affected by the MSTU project.

Will I be able to get in and out of my property during construction?
Yes. The contractor is required to maintain traffic during construction. There may be delays while pipe is installed or equipment is being moved but you will always be able to gain access to your property.

Will the contractor move my trees and shrubs?
The contractor will not move or replace shrubs or trees in a repaving project. However, trees and shrub removal may be part of a total construction project depending on the location within the right of way.

How long will the road last once it is repaved?
The life expectancy of a repaved road is 15 to 20 years.

Will this improvement help our drainage problems?
Each project is prepared in accordance with the request of the homeowners who petition for an MSTU/Assessment. Drainage improvements are part of the design when new construction is proposed. However, drainage is not considered for overlay projects.

How will this improvement benefit me?
In addition to access to your property from a paved road, experience has shown that homes on paved roads sell faster and at a higher price than if no road improvements were done.

Can we expect a higher cost than what is on the petition?
All estimates are subject to bidding, and the exact cost would not be known until bids are received and calculated.

Does Marion County pay for any of the project costs?
No. In unrecorded subdivisions (e.g., private roads) the Marion County Board of County Commissioners is prohibited from spending public funds for private purposes.

The Board of County Commissioners does not share in the costs for recorded areas as well as the unrecorded areas.