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Materials accepted at recycling centers

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The following items are accepted at each of Solid Waste's 18 recycling centers. Residents wanting to dispose of more than what is accepted at the recycling centers can utilize the Baseline Landfill. Businesses do not pay a solid waste assessment fee and are not permitted to use the recycling centers; however they may use the landfill.

Note: Collection sites such as the Hog Valley and Lake George locations, accept household garbage and single-stream recycling only.

Jan. 2, 2018: Glass is no longer accepted in the recycling bins. Please bag glass bottles and put them in the household garbage containers.

Household garbage:
- Two 90-gallon containers of household
  garbage per day.

Household electronics:
Electronics may be recycled in the big green compactor boxes labeled "electronics recycling" at the following recycling centers: Baseline, Dunnellon, Forest Corners, Fort McCoy, Martel, Newton and Weirsdale.
Household electronics may also be recycled at four special events throughout the year.
Find upcoming collection events and more information here.
*Electronic recycling of computers includes certified data destruction.

Household hazardous waste:
- Sharps in approved biohazard containers.
More information can be found here.
- Used motor oil and oil filters (up to five gallons per day).
- Rechargeable batteries: Lithium ion, small sealed lead acid (SSLA), nickel-cadmium, wet cell lead acid, nickel metal hydride, potable power tool, battery packs, automotive, and old-style cell phone.
No accepted: Alkaline, lithium and button batteries can be placed in household garbage containers.
- Latex paint (up to five gallons per day).
Not accepted: pesticides, gasoline, propane tanks, explosives, infectious waste, acids, sodium, phosphorous materials.


Single-stream recycling:
Single-stream recycling means all recyclable items can be disposed of in one container; there's no need to separate items by type.
- All plastics numbers 1-5 and 7
Not accepted: No. 6 styrofoam.
- Newspaper and inserts.
- Magazines and junk mail.
- Clean corrugated cardboard.
- Aluminum cans and clean aluminum foil.

Furniture is collected twice annually for disposal at each recycling center.
Find upcoming collection events and more information here.

- Scrap metal and appliances.
Not accepted: fence and wire.
- Tin cans (rinsed) should be placed in the
   scrap metal box. 

- Clothes and shoes.

Yard waste:
- Leaves, hedge clippings and small branches. Residential yard waste accepted only: Two cubic yards per day.
Branches must be less than four inches in diameter and less than 4 feet in length.


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