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All public drinking water systems in Florida must have a cross-connection control or backflow prevention program.

This Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) requirement (Florida Administrative Code 62-555.360) is designed to protect the public water supply from potential contamination from customers’ plumbing connections.

More information on backflow prevention is provided by the FDEP here

What is a backflow assembly?

A backflow prevention device is used to protect potable water supplies from contamination or pollution due to backflow.

What does a backflow assembly prevent?

backflow assembly two house diagram

residue and bacteria can be siphoned into the drinking water from sprinkler heads 

Domestic water services and irrigation

 Double Check Valve Assembly     Low hazard

Pressure Vacuum Breaker     Low hazard - Irrigation only  

Reduced Pressure Valve Assembly     High hazard – All applications 

Dedicated fire main

Double Check Detector Assembly

double check detector assembly 

Reduced Pressure Detector Assembly

reduced pressure detector assembly

Who does this requirement apply to?

Below is a list of facilities that require a backflow prevention device. This list is presented as a guideline and is not to be construed as encompassing all commercial properties requiring a backflow prevention device.

Car wash
Packing House
Beverage Processing plant
Veterinary Clinic
Laundry (Commercial Cleaners)
Automotive/Marine Repair Facility
Film Processing
Petroleum/Fuel Stations
Exterminating Companies
Irrigation with auxiliary water source (well, canal, lake, reuse/reclaim water)
Fertilizer plant
Ice Manufacturing Plant

Medical/Dental clinic
Manufacturing Facilities
Paint/Body Shops
Nursing Homes
Irrigation Systems
Chemical Plant
Swimming pools with piped fill line
Private Sewer Lift Station served by Public Water Supply

What are my Responsibilities?

It is a requirement that EVERY backflow prevention device be inspected annually by a certified backflow tester. The results of the inspection must be submitted to the Marion County Utilities’ backflow and CCC coordinator. It is common for backflow prevention device testers shall submit the annual inspection results to Marion County as part of the inspection service.

How do I comply with these requirements?

Customers with a known device will receive a notification and reminder directly from Marion County Utilities that testing is overdue. Once the annual inspection is complete, the testing company will submit the completed test result to Marion County Utilities.

Note: Backflow prevention devices are added to the county database once inventoried and tested.


Need to submit an initial or annual test result?

Contact the Marion County Utilities cross-connection control program at 352-307-4630 or via email at

Thank you for doing your part in protecting the public water supply and adhering to this requirement.

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