Hurricane Irma

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Hurricane Irma debris removal

Pickup of Hurricane Irma debris from the rights of way is now complete.

If you still have debris:

1. Ensure only hurricane-related debris is at the curb, unless you have a private contractor that picks up vegetation. ONLY debris from Hurricane Irma is eligible for pickup; green debris (such as fresh vegetation or recent yard clippings) will NOT be picked up, per FEMA guidelines. Do NOT put fresh debris at the curb, unless you have a private contractor to pick it up.

2. Check the map to ensure your road is eligible for pickup (blue roads on the maps below). If you do not live on an eligible road, you may bring your debris to one of Marion County Solid Waste's 18 recycling centers.

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If your address falls on an eligible road within the yellow portions (first pass completed), the contractor is actively working the second pass in your area and will get to your home soon. Ensure your debris is placed at the right of way correctly.

3. If your road is eligible for pickup, please call the Marion County Office of the County Engineer at 352-671-8686 to report this missed debris.

4. If you live in a gated or private community, please call the Marion County Office of the County Engineer at 352-671-8686 to give authorization to enter and pick up the debris.

5. Ensure that your debris:

- Has been placed in the county right-of-way and NOT in the road, near utility poles, signs, or other structures which could impede pickup.
- Is not bagged or placed in containers.
- Is kept separate from all other items, such as household trash or appliances. Dispose of these as you would normally (e.g., bring to a recycling center or use a private franchise hauler).
- Is not combined with hurricane-related construction debris (carpet, roof shingles, etc.) on the roadside. Contact Marion County Solid Waste at 352-671-8465 for information on this type of waste.

If you believe your address or street was missed, contact the Office of the County Engineer at 352-671-8686. Staff keeps a log of these reports, so they can direct the contractor's efforts or have crews go back and pick up missed debris.

Hurricane debris questions?

  • Contact the Office of the County Engineer at 352-671-8686 with questions on county debris pickup or to check on a specific road within the unincorporated sections of Marion County.
  • Contact Solid Waste at 352-671-8465 with questions about debris drop-off.
  • Residents living in incorporated cities and towns should contact their respective governing agencies with questions.

Am I eligible for recovery assistance?

FEMA individual assistance program

Residents will have an opportunity to register for financial assistance and direct help to repair damage to their home and property caused by Hurricane Irma.

Assistance available:
- Housing assistance; temporary housing, repairs, replacement and construction.
- Personal property and other needs.

Apply online at or via phone at 800-462-7585. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office has committed to advocating for assistance requests completed by anyone not registering in person. To be included, email your FEMA confirmation number to Residents should not contact their utility companies regarding claims, any questions or claim status requests should go to FEMA at the number above.

Marion Disaster Recovery Network/United Way

Residents seeking assistance with post-Irma recovery are encouraged to contact United Way at 211 for an initial eligibility screening via phone. Access the MDRN web page here. View the press release from United Way with additional program information here.