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Advisory board information and training

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Resources to help you make the most out of your term

Learn button click no shadow-01Required training*
Within six months of appointment, advisory board members must complete one of two of the below training options.

Ethics resources:
- 2018 Sunshine law manual (PDF)
- Public meetings and public records law
(120-minute mp4)

- Sunshine Law/Public records (PDF)

*Training is mandatory once every term for Board members. If option two is selected, you are required to compete the acknowledgement form located at the bottom of this page and submit it in order to satisfy these requirements.
Please note: if you have previously taken similar training from another organization or government agency let us know as you may be exempt from taking this training during your term (our contact information is at the bottom of this page).

Option one:

A four-hour, in-person training provided by the University of Central Florida's Institute of Government.

Led by a certified instructor with more than 20 years’ experience in working with resident advisory boards and Sunshine law. This course will cover important topics including voting rules, Sunshine law, public records and board etiquette.

This course is offered annually and is held a the Marion County McPherson Complex.

Option two:

Online training as provided via videos.

Voting conflicts (55-minute mp4) Apply the voting conflicts statute to local officers to discuss differences in voting conflicts at the state and local level.

Discover the circumstances in which a voting conflict for a local officer will not be found. This presentation also covers how local officers should respond if a voting conflict is presented.
View the video on voting conflicts here.

Gifts for local government officials (45-minute mp4) Learn about laws which pertain to gifts, "things of value," and payment given for professional services that are rendered nominally without charge and how these apply to local government officers and employees.

This presentation also discusses what gifts may be accepted, what is prohibited and what must be reported.
View the on gifts for local government officials here.

Code of ethics video (98-minute mp4) Explore the code of ethics for public officers and employees.

Learn more about Florida's public meetings and records laws as applicable to members of the Legislature. This video was originally created for members of the Senate, and can be useful to many others.
View the video on ethics for public officials here.

 View and print the training acknowledgement form here.
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