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The Dunnellon Airport Authority was created in 1981 pursuant to Chapter 81-436, Laws of Florida and Marion County Code, article III, section A3. The Board of County Commissioners meets periodically as the Dunnellon Airport Authority to discuss airport and aviation issues. The commission has the authority to levy a tax as the Dunnellon Airport Authority, though no levy has been approved at this time.

Created: July 1, 1981.
Creation document: Chapter 81-436, Laws of Florida.
Statutory authority: Chapter 332, Florida Statutes.
Purpose: To acquire, construct, improve, finance, operate and maintain airport facilities.
Governing body: Marion County Board of County Commissioners.
Revenue source: Fees.
Budget: The budget documents and process are included in the annual Board of County Commissioners' budget and can be found here.
- The annual financial report is held with the Department of Financial Services and can be accessed here.
- The annual audit documents are included in the commission's comprehensive annual financial report held by the Marion County Clerk of Courts.
Ethics: The ethics held by the Dunnellon Airport Authority are outlined in the Employee Handbook created by Marion County Human Resources and can be accessed here.
- Click here for the Florida Commission on Ethics.
As the Board of County Commissioners make up the Dunnellon Airport Authority, the retirement system in place is that of the Florida Retirement System.

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