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The programs below are offered at no cost to schools, homeowners' associations, religious groups, businesses or any other interested groups. Contact Lynda Spence or Lori Ball for more information or to schedule a class for your group.

Goal setting and prioritizing
Set short term, intermediate and long term financial goals. Make sure your goals are aligned and not working at cross-purposes. Learn why a S.M.A.R.T. goal plan does not fail.

Welcome to the real world
This four-part series presents the opportunity to explore career opportunities and make lifestyle and budget choices similar to situational decisions individuals face on a daily basis. Workshops cover: career exploration, expenditure decision making, money management, and choice evaluation.

The truth about a spending plan
Wealth has little to do with income and everything to do with outflow. Learn how to match earnings with spending. This two-part series guides the development of your personal spending plan.

Understanding your credit score
Topics covered: How to: build and rebuild credit, use credit wisely, tell the difference between good debt and bad debt, read a credit report, get three free credit reports and learn how credit scores are calculated.

Getting by in uncertain economic times
Ten steps to guide you through this challenging period in all of our lives.

Avoid holidizzy: Controlling holiday consumer pitfalls
Special occasions are opportunities to recharge and celebrate while gathering with those we care for. Learn how to plan and budget for special occasions throughout the year. Take charge before friends and/or the advertisers lure you in.

Developing a savings strategy
Maybe you think you'll start saving after you get out of debt, or when times improve, or maybe you think it can never be done. In this program you will learn how to integrate savings into your life, no matter what your current financial situation is. 

Keeping organized records
Record keeping seems like an intimidating task, yet it is neither time-consuming nor difficult to keep a finger on your financial pulse. Learn the simplicity of ordered records.

Consumer Choices
Learn to shop using rational decision-making. Examine attributes and disadvantages of four pre-selected products according to a specific budget and situation and rank products for best fit. Analysis and discussion follows.