Maron County Senior Services


Department of Financial Services
Helps consumers make informed insurance and financial decisions.
GreenPath Debt Solutions
Providing consumers with non-profit financial education and counseling services.
Florida Saves
Helpful information on improving how you manage your personal finances.


Federal Trade Commission
Small steps to health and wealth
USDA - U. S. Department of Agriculture
H.U.D. - U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
S.H.I.P - State Housing Initiative Program

University of Florida

Financial calculators
A wide array of online calculators for auto, credit/debt, investment, budget, retirement, and savings.
Family Album Radio
Daily radio program designed to help families improve their lives.

How to make a spending plan
Managing in tough times
Cutting costs to live within your income

Women and Money - Unique issues
Finances in a Divorce
Money and the Family
Money issues across the Life Cycle
Protecting your Assets
Selecting your Financial Professional Team
So you want to Remarry?