In today's society families have become quite diverse, but they still share many of the same concerns.

Extension offers programs to help families to deal with everyday issues like economic concerns, intergenerational co-habitation, and end-of-life matters. Through education, conflicts can be minimized or avoided, resulting in a stronger family unit.

Aging Well in Florida publications

The Art of Goodbye:  End of Life Education
Exploring Self-Reflection
Planning Final Arrangements
Exploring Health Concerns
Why People Are Talking About the End of Life

Intergenerational Relationships

Developing Intergenerational Relationships



Unmatched by any other structure, our homes affect our wellbeing in a very unique way.

Because housing has been directly impacted by these changing times, it's even more crucial to stay informed about matters that involve our home. We conduct educational programs on topics such as buying and selling in the current economy, safe home environment, storm preparedness and recovery, and home conservation of water and energy.

We are a certified (HUD) Housing Counseling Agency. We provide home buyer education to all Marion County citizens, including home buyers interested in seeking assistance from the State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) and Housing and Urban Development, and Habitat for Humanity.  If you would like to register for one of our home buyer education classes, call 352-671-8400.

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