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Save water, time and money by installing a micro-irrigation system today! 

Micro-irrigation is a type of landscape irrigation designed to conserve water by utilizing a reduced flow that targets the root system of plants, resulting in less water evaporation and leaching.

This type of watering system also reduces insect and disease problems in plants, as a result of foliage not staying wet as long as it would with traditional irrigation.

Another benefit of micro irrigation is in the time you'll save through the reduction or elimination of having to hand-water plants. For added convenience, automatic timers are available that can be easily connected to your micro irrigation system.

The Marion County UF/IFAS Extension Service carries a complete line of micro/drip-irrigation products.


Micro-irrigation classes covering water savings, installation, and problem solving are offered at the Marion County UF/IFAS Extension Service.

See our Calendar of Events for upcoming dates/times.

(Individually-tailored sessions can be arranged. Contact the Marion County UF/IFAS Extension Service for more information.)