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Help preserve our native forest
while improving the look of your landscape!


Melaleuca mulch is an environmentally-friendly alternative to cypress mulch. It's naturally termite-resistant and nematode free.           

The mulch is part of an eradication program helping to eliminate this non-native, highly invasive tree in South Florida.

Melaleuca, which thrives in wet conditions, was introduced to the United States in the early 1900s to help dry up the Everglades for development.

The tree produces millions of seeds which germinate readily. Today, these trees threaten our native wetlands and habitat. Due to their rapid rate of reproduction and growth they are crowding out native plants and wildlife.


Massive funding was required to initiate an eradication program for the trees. Upon research by the University of Florida, it was discovered that the tree is resistant to termites and nematodes. Thus the Mulch program was born.

The mulch is produced solely from the heart-wood of the tree, thus it contains no leaves or seeds.

In addition it is composted for several months, to ensure its quality.

Melaleuca Mulch is available for purchase at Marion County UF/IFAS Extension Service for $3.25+tax per bag.

Mulch varieties: