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Functional Foods
Functional foods

What are Groats and Oats?


Cantaloupe Melon


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Functional foods

Functional Foods...Check Out the Details

Some foods contain components, naturally present or added, that contribute health benefits in addition to the primary nutrition naturally supplied in the food. These foods are defined as "functional foods." Click here for more information.


What are Groats and Oats?

A groat is the common term for a whole grain kernel. Whole oat groats are the end product of harvesting, cleaning, and removing the stalks and hulls from raw oats. Click here to learn about the connection between groats and different types of oats. 


Cantaloupe Melon ~ Clean, Cut, and Enjoy

It's cantaloupe season, but not for long! Don't miss out on enjoying this delicious, nutrient-packed fruit. But first, make sure to wash it thoroughly under cool tap water with a vegetable brush before cutting. Click here to learn more about cantaloupe melon and why it should be high on your list for summer desserts.

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It Doesn't Get Any Healthier Than This...

A naturally sweet combination of ripe bananas, dried figs, almonds, and oats, make for a nutritious dessert that is quick and easy. Check out this recipe for almond fig bars.