Hydrant marking and painting regulations

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Firepumpexample3Comply with National Fire Protection Association 291 Recommended Practices for Fire Flow Testing and Marking of Hydrants adopted by Florida Administrative Code 69A-3.012. The marking will be for the body of the hydrant excluding the three caps and the top bonnet.

Fire Department Advantages
The marking of fire hydrants will assist in determining responsible owner of the hydrant and reduce liability to the fire department in regards to fire pump hydrants.

Hydrant Owner Advantages
Reduce the possibility of unauthorized water use with the identification of hydrants on public and private mains. Reduce the possibility of damage to fire pumps which supply fire hydrants that need manual shut down.

Marking System

Public Hydrants-Color Red    
Hydrants connected to a public utility system on municipal mains. The only locations that would have red hydrants would be the Cities of Ocala, McIntosh, and Belleview. Also, any hydrant on Marion County Utilities mains and the Villages would be included in this designation.

Firepumpexample2Private Mains or Privately Owned Hydrants-Yellow
Hydrants owned by private utility companies. (These would be the utility companies not listed above). Additionally, this marking system would be used for businesses or communities which are responsible for their own fire hydrant repairs and maintenance but not connected to a fire pump.

Examples of private systems would include Residential Utility, Windstream, Tradewinds, and Countywide Utilities.

Examples of privately owned hydrants include hydrants include Marion County School Board, Scorpion Performance, Lindale Mobile Home Park, Southern Sun RV Park.

Fire Hydrants Supplied by Fire Pumps-Silver

FirepumpexampleFire hydrant water supplied is from a fire pump and not public or private mains.  

Examples of fire pump hydrants include Petro, Jai Alai, Associated Grocers, etc.

Flow Rate Markings

Identify flow rates and capacities of hydrants. Marking the fire hydrants with capacities allows the fire engine operators to know the capabilities of each hydrant. The maximum capacity may prevent damage by knowing the maximum gallons per minute flow for the fire crews.

The caps and top bonnet are to be painted based on the flow rates achieved from the hydrant.

Color Code of Hydrants
Red Flow rates of 0-500 gallons per minute
Orange Flow rates of 501-999 gallons per minute
Green Flow rates of 1000-1500 gallons per minute
Blue Flow rates in excess of 1500 gallons per minute

Markings are in compliance with American Water Works Association (AWWA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 291, Florida State Statues, and Florida Administrative Code.