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How is MCFR funded?

Marion County Fire Rescue relies on several funding sources to pay for its exceptional services including: ad valorem taxes based on property values; non-ad valorem fire assessments based on benefit of service; impact fees on new development and other fees for services such as ambulance transport and stand-by services, building inspections, hazardous materials spills and illegal burns.

What are non-ad valorem taxes?

The non-ad valorem fire assessment is based on benefit of service instead of property value and distributes costs evenly among citizens countywide. That means everyone pays regardless of the size or value of their home. The fire assessment funds MCFR's firefighting budget and pays firefighter salaries, benefits, training and education as well as other items such as fire engines, nozzles, hoses, bunker gear, ladders, electricity and fire station expenses.   The residential rate is currently $165.99 and has remained the same for the past several years. 

What are impact fees?

Impact fees are levied on new development based on the impact that growth and increased population have on fire rescue resources and the 9-1-1 call load. Commissioners earmark money generated from impact fees solely for capital improvement projects. This means, MCFR can only spend impact fee dollars on building new fire stations and purchasing additional equipment such as fire rescue vehicles.