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Fire Escape Plans

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Do the Drill: Practice Your Fire Escape Plan
Do you and your family know what to do when the smoke alarm sounds? How do you get out of the house safely? Where should you meet? When should you call 911? Don't wait until it's too late to make a plan. Follow these tips on fire escape plans with everyone in your household to ensure they know how to exit burning buildings safely.

Making a Fire Escape Plan
- Identify two exits from every room (e.g. door and window).
- Draw a map of your house with the escape routes, so you know where they're located.
- Practice the escape drill with your family at least twice a year, so you won't forget in the chaos of an emergency.
- Designate a safe meeting place outside, and meet there during your practices.

In a real fire: Get Down, Get Out, Get on the Phone!!

01--Fire Escape PlansIf you're involved in a real fire, never hide, always get out of the house immediately after the smoke alarm sounds and never go back inside a burning building for any reason.


Get Down!

02--Fire Escape Plans

Check to see if smoke is leaking in through the door (your first exit). Touch it with the back of your hand. If it's cool to the touch, escape through the door by crawling low because smoke rises. Keep your head 12" to 24" above the ground. If the door is hot or you see smoke, keep it closed and put clothes and sheets around the bottom of the door to keep smoke out of your room.

Get Out!
03--Fire Escape Plans
Next, try your window (your second exit). Crawl out of it if you live in a one-story house, or use an escape ladder if you're on a second level of a two story house.
If you can't get out, wave a cloth out the window and yell to let people know that you need help. One you're out, go your family's safe place - just like you practiced.

Get on the Phone!

05--Fire Escape Plans

Go to a neighbor's house to call 911.
Don't be afraid of firefighters - they're there to help you!