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Sign placement guidelines

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Keep your signs in view and in compliance with these tips.

political signs violation exampleIt's pretty safe to say trying to turn onto the road pictured here would be stressful.

There are several reasons this method of endorsement is illegal. Follow the headings below for guidelines on how to show your support without endangering lives and portraying your candidate as a nuisance.

Sign placement provisions

Political signs are considered temporary signs in Marion County's community standards; Land Development Code, - article 4, division 4.  

Placement standards

- Temporary signs of any kind must be placed 10 feet back from the road right-of-way.

- All temporary signs must be located outside of a clear-vision area. The clear-vision area (or site triangle) is a triangle-shaped area extending 25 to 40 feet along the road right-of-way from intersections.

State Road 40, for example, is maintained by the Florida Department of Transportation, and is not an applicable right-of-way for campaign signage during election season.

- Northwest 100th Street, for example, is maintained by the county and is not an applicable right-of-way for campaign signs during election season under Florida law.

- Temporary signs should only be placed on property with the owner’s permission. There is no maximum number of temporary signs that can be placed on a property after gaining owner consent.

- Temporary signs measuring less than 32 square feet do not require permits.

Non-compliance leads to removal

- Placement of temporary signs in the public rights-of-way is prohibited. 

- Placement of political signs in the public rights-of-way, or on any property where a voting precinct may be located is prohibited.

- With the permission of the property owner, voting booth areas on private property may have signs posted outside of a 100-foot radius.

- All temporary signs not in compliance with Marion County's Land Development Code will be removed and disposed of at the Baseline Solid Waste facility, 5601 SE 66th St., Ocala.

- All political signs not in compliance with Marion County’s Land Development Code, will be removed and temporarily housed for two weeks from the date of removal at the Baseline Solid Waste facility, 5601 SE 66th St., Ocala, before proper disposal.

Share for safety

Please make sure that your signs meet our community standards. If you notice neighbors might have a sign that does not comply, please inform them of the standards if you are comfortable doing so; they may not be aware.

Under Florida law, it’s a class three misdemeanor to “steal, deface, vandalize or unlawfully remove a political sign that is lawfully placed.”

The above standards are for unincorporated Marion County only. Municipalities such as Belleview, Dunnellon, McIntosh, Ocala and Reddick may have different standards. Please contact them directly with any questions.

There may be additional restrictions for signs located near polling locations. Please contact the Supervisor of Elections office at 352-620-3290.

We're here to help

For more information, contact Marion County Code Enforcement at 352-671-8900 or

Thank you in advance for your cooperation, and good luck to all the candidates.

Excerpts from the Marion County Land Development Code

Sec. 4.4.1. - General provisions.
E. Inspection and removal of signs
(1) Any sign which is located on or adjacent to the right-of-way of any county road, which was erected without the permit required in this section after adoption of this code, is declared illegal and shall be properly permitted or removed as provided herein.

Sec. 4.4.3. - Prohibited signs.
(9) Signs that obstruct the vision of pedestrians, cyclists, or motorists traveling on or entering public streets.
(15) Signs erected on public property or right-of-way or on private utility poles located on public right-of-way except signs erected by governmental entities for public purposes.
(19) Signs which are not placed by the property owner and are nailed, fastened or affixed to any tree, stone, fence, stump, utility pole, mile board, danger sign, guide sign, guide post, highway sign, historical marker, fence post, or other object or structure adjacent to a public right-of-way or within 50 feet of a public right-of-way excluding trespassing signs and markers.

Sec. 4.4.5. - Off-site signs.
C. Double and triple decker signs are prohibited.
D. Location and Design Criteria:
(1) Maximum Size. No off-site advertising sign face shall exceed 675 square feet in size of message area except for temporary (not to exceed 12 months) additions which shall not exceed 10 percent of the base size.