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General Information:
Community Redevelopment Areas (CRAs), are special districts created per Florida Statutes (Title XI, Chapter 163, Part III) by a local government working in partnership with the designated community to focus on stabilizing and revitalizing the area. The special district designation allows property taxes from the community to be allocated for only activities that promote and support redevelopment and new development in the CRA.

A Community Redevelopment Agency (Agency) is created to oversee the administration and management of all CRAs designated by the local government. The Agency must have a governing body, or Agency Board, that oversees and determines the focus and direction for each CRA. The local government determines the membership of the Agency Board upon creation of the Agency.  

Quick links
Florida Redevelopment Association
A significant resource outlining and providing more information regarding CRAs and a non-profit professional organization under the umbrella of the Florida League of Cities.