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Agency Creation

The Marion County Board of County Commissioners (Board), as part of their strategic planning efforts, elected to pursue establishing a Community Redevelopment Area (CRA) Program as a tool to further economic development opportunities promoting investment and reinvestment within suitably identified areas of the Marion County.

As part of the CRA Program, the Board created the Marion County CRA Agency, consistent with Florida Statutes (163.356 and 357), by adopting Ordinance #2013-14. and appointing itself as the Agency’s governing body by adopting Resolution #2013-R-169. The Commission elected this option to accommodate the potential for creating multiple CRAs over time and avoid possible area representation concerns resulting from having multiple CRAs.

The first CRA created is the Silver Springs CRA, established in 2013.

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Agency creation - Ordinance No. 2013-14
Agency governing board - Resolution No. 2013-R-169
Agency Board meetings (agendas and minutes)
To access CRA Agency Board meetings from the above link, select Meeting Type "Agency Boards" in the Search Options section. The below screenshot is for your reference and can be opened in a new window by clicking the image.
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