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Data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the University of Florida's Bureau of Business Research (BEBR), American Fact Finder summaries and more.


- 2018 Comparison of Marion County and State of Florida population and housing characteristics
- Historical census
Historic census population data from 1950 to 2010
- Population by census Tract

2012 to 2016 American Community Survey five-year estimates, U.S. Census Bureau
Demographic profile
Total population, gender, age, race, marital status, households by type, housing occupancy, housing tenure
- Subdivision and place findings
Population, housing units, area and density
- Population estimates, April 1, 2016
Filtered by municipality

- Quick facts
National, state and county comparisons
- Veteran status
2011 to 2015 American Fact Finder summary
- Demographic and housing estimates
2011 to 2015 ACS five-year estimates; gender and age
- Populations estimates.
U.S. Census 2010 to 2015

BEBR - Marion County with Florida comparisons
Population projections 2020 to 2045, January 2018
Low, medium and high projections
- Population projections
Age, gender, race and Hispanic origin
- Population projections by age 2020 to 2045
- Population 2010 census
Race and Hispanic or Latino origin
Age, gender, race, Hispanic origin with estimates for 2015
- Population estimate April 2015
Population by Marion County jurisdiction
- Cities and county April 2016


- Selected housing characteristics: 2011 to 2015
American Community survey five-year estimates; occupancy, units in structure, year structure built, rooms, bedrooms, housing tenure, year householder moved in, vehicles available, heating fuel, lacking plumbing/kitchen, occupants per room, value, mortgage status, monthly costs, gross rent
- General housing characteristics: 2010
County subdivision and place; 2010 census summary file 1; county subdivision and place
Housing by type
2010 to 2014 American Community survey five-year estimates
- Employment status
2010 to 2014 American Community survey five-year estimates
- Year structure built
2011 to 2015 American Community survey five-year estimates


 - Major facilities
Marion County Public Schools
Educational attainment
2009 to 2013 American Community Survey five-year estimates
Educational attainment by gender 2000
Census 2000 summary tape, file 3
- 2010 to 2014 Educational attainment
American Community Survey five-year estimates


- Land area
- Federally listed species
Federally listed species known to be present in Marion County
- Invasive and nuisance species
Invasive and nuisance species observed by Marion County Parks and Recreation
- Agricultural land use
Land use data agricultural with chart
- Land use
Land use data with chart
- National Climatic Data Center
Storm events database
- Marion County Community Wildfire Protection Plan
An assessment of the community's wildfire vulnerability, local organizations, and resources available to assist with wildfire mitigation and response, and an action plan for reducing wildfire vulnerability in the county.

Economic Data

- Economy-wide stats: 2012 Economic census of the United States
- 2016 Business Patterns, Marion County, by U.S. Census Bureau
Number of establishments, paid employees, 1st quarter and annual payroll
- Employment status: Selected economic characteristics, 2010 to 2014 American Community survey five-year estimates; employment status, commuting to work, industry, class of worker, income and benefits, health insurance coverage, percentage below poverty level
Poverty status: Selected characteristics: 2010 to 2014 American Community survey, five-year estimates
Gender, age, race, living arrangement, educational attainment, disability status, work status
- Income in 12-month increments, 2010 to 2014 American Community survey five-year estimates
- 2012 American Community Survey five-year estimates; income range and median income
- Occupation and earnings; 2010 to 2014 American Community Survey five-year estimates
- Poverty status in 1999 of individuals: 2000
Census 2000 summary tape, file 3; age and gender
- Employment by industry
American Community survey three-year estimates
- Automotive aftermarket expenditures
Products and services
- Financial expenditures
Marion County assets, annual changes, earnings, liabilities and more
- House and home expenditures
Owned dwellings, rented dwellings, vacation homes, household operations
- Household budget expenditures


- 2012 to 2016 Traffic counts and trends manual
Ocala/Marion Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)
- 2040 Long-range transportation plan
Ocala/Marion Transportation Planning Organization (TPO)
- Freight and logistics overview
Marion County freight and logistics overview; roads, railways, airports, public transit, commuting characteristics