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AZ Ocala Ranch

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AZ Ocala Ranch DRI PUD

Notice of claim  pursuant to Bert J. Harris, Jr. private property rights protection act, section 70.001, Florida Statutes

AZ Ocala Ranch, LLC and Marion Mitigation, LLC, the owners of "Ocala Ranch," have served a claim pursuant to the Bert J. Harris, Jr. private property rights protection act (Harris Act) against the Marion County Board of County Commissioners. The following three documents are related to this action: 

1) AZ Ocala Bert Harris claim to Marion County

2) AZ Ocala UEI appraisal

3) Notice to property owners

Canceled: Special Magistrate hearing scheduled for Thursday, Dec. 7, 2017. View the cancellation notice here.

Subject to the discretion of the Special Magistrate, the public may participate. The Special Magistrate has final approval. View the Special Magistrate hearing notice here.

AZ Ocala Ranch, LLC and Marion Mitigation, LLC’s requests for relief under section 70.51 of the Florida Statutes – the Florida Land Use and Environmental Dispute Resolution Act (Marion County amendment #2017-D01, rezoning number: 20170301Z).

July 18, 2017: the Board of County Commissioners denied the requests of AZ Ocala Ranch, LLC and Marion Mitigation, LLC for:  an amendment to the Future Land Use Map designation of its property; and a related rezoning request related to its property.

The applicant has initiated two separate legal proceedings in response to the denial decision by the Board of County Commissioners: (a) With respect to the denial of the amendment to the Future Land Use Map, and the denial of the rezoning, the applicant has filed a lawsuit in Circuit Court for declaratory and injunctive relief. (b) With respect only to the denial of the rezoning, the applicant has also filed a request for relief under the Florida Land Use and Environmental Dispute Resolution Act.

A copy of the applicant’s request for relief related to the denial of the rezoning, pursuant to subsection 70.51(5), Florida Statutes, minus the voluminous attachments, are provided in the below link.

The applicant and the county have scheduled a mediation of the circuit court case for Oct. 25, 2017 and a dispute resolution proceeding for Oct. 26, 2017. Details of those proceedings are still being finalized. Updated information on those two proceedings will be posted to this page upon completion.

AZ Ocala Ranch, LLC and Marion Mitigation, LLC request for relief with exhibits

AZ Ocala Ranch, LLC has submitted development applications for a mixed use development project titled the “Ocala Ranch Development of Regional Impact (DRI).” The Ocala Ranch DRI will be an active adult lifestyle community that will include single-family and multi-family residential units, life care facilities, commercial retail and services, professional services, and a variety of recreation and open space areas and facilities. Find the applicant’s executive summary for the Ocala Ranch DRI here.

The DRI-ADA serves as a supporting companion document providing background data and analysis and project summaries for the amendment and PUD rezoning applications. Submitted materials are provided via links below. Each application is divided into multiple parts to make uploading and viewing the items simpler and faster.

  1. Comprehensive Plan Amendment application (amendment), case number 2017-L01.

  2. Development of Regional Impact application for Development approval (DRI-ADA).

  3. Planned Unit Development Rezoning application (PUD Rezoning), case number 20170301Z.

The applications are under review. The amendment and PUD rezoning applications will be considered by the Marion County Planning & Zoning Commission, followed by the Marion County Board of County Commissioners in a series of public hearings. Agenda materials for each hearing, including the staff recommendations for applications under consideration, will be posted here prior to each meeting. The schedule of public hearings is provided below.





Planning and Zoning Commission,
sitting as the Local Planning Agency (LPA)

 5:30 p.m.
 Monday, Feb. 27, 2017




 Board of County Commissioners

 2 p.m.
 Tuesday, March 21, 2017




 Board of County Commissioners

 2 p.m.
 Tuesday, July 18, 2017



The general maximum development amounts proposed by the applicant are listed below; however upon development, the applicant may elect to reduce some development amounts to reflect ongoing market trends and conditions:

Ocala Ranch proposed development uses Max


Active adult single-family detached residential units


10,260 ±1,859.2
Active adult multi-family residential units 250 475
Active adult independent living units 216 216 ±73  
Assisted living (possible skilled nursing) beds 150 150
Retail sales and services (gross square foot) 115,000
Professional services (office) (gross square foot) 20,000   

Various green space/recreation and other open space
(clubhouses, recreation trails, wildlife habitat areas and may also include a 36-hole championship golf course)

Open space parcel (permanent-conservation/mitigation bank)



11,101 ±3470.5