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Development of Regional Impact Application for Development Approval (DRI-ADA)

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A development of regional impact (DRI) is a large-scale development project that may affect multiple government jurisdictions and/or state resources as established by Section 380.06, Florida Statutes. The State of Florida requires the developer of a new DRI to complete a DRI application for development approval (DRI-ADA) that is a structured application form asking a series of 30 questions about the proposed project. The developer provides the completed DRI-ADA to answer the questions that includes details about the project along with maps and other technical documentation about the project site. 

The Ocala Ranch DRI-ADA materials are provided below, in individually numbered sections keyed to the corresponding DRI-ADA questions. (NOTE: Several of the below files are large and may take additional time to open.)

000_ADA submittal letter

00_DRI cover

01_Table of contents

02_Executive summary

03_Q1_part-1_Application information

04_Q1_part-2_Application lessor acknowledgement

05_Q2 and Q3_Applicant information

06_Q4-Q7_Development information

07_Q8_Permit information

08_Q9_Map-series descriptions

09_Q9_MapA_location -map

10_Q9_MapB_Aarial photo

11_Q9_MapC_topographical map

12_Q9_MapD_land use map

13_Q9_MapE_soils map


15_Q9_MapF2_wetlands b

16_Q9_MapG_T and E Survey results b

17_Q9_MapG2_scrub -jay

18_Q9_MapG3_sand skink

19_Q9-MapH_conceptual plan uses (land)

20_Q9_MapI-1_prebasins Oct. 24, 2016

21_Q9_MapI-2_FEMA flood

22_Q9_MapI-3_postbasins Nov. 9, 2016

23_Q9>MapL-4_cross-section WRA wet

24_Q9_MapI-5_cross-section WRA dry

25_Q9_MapJ_transporation network Dec. 22, 2016

26_Q10_General project description

27_Q11_Revenue generation summary

28_Q11-1_App11_Fiscal impact study

29_Q12_Vegetation and wildlife

30_Q12-1_Ecological constraints review (BDA)



33_Q14_Figure 14-1_Hydrogeology

34_Q14_Figure 14-2_Potentiometric



37_Q15-1_Geotechnical investigation and karst report (AEI)

38_Q17_Water supply

39_Q17-1_Potable water letter to Marion County Utilities

40_Q17-2_Feasibility study irrigation LFA withdrawal (AEI)

41_Q18-1_Sanitary sewer letter to Marion County Utilities

42_Q18_Wastewater management

43_Q19_Stormwater management

44_Q20_Waste solid hazardous medical

45_Q20-1_Solid waste letter to Marion County Solid Waste

46-Q20-2_Marion County Solid Waste response

47_Q21-Appendix Transportation December 2016


49_Q21-1_Figure21-1 site location Dec. 22, 2016

50_Q21-2_Figure21-2 PM peak hour Dec. 22,2016

51_Q21-3_Figure21-3_PM peak hour build out Dec. 22, 2016


53_Q23_Hurricane preparedness


55_Q25_Police and fire protection

56_Q25-1_Letter to Marion County Fire Rescue

57_Q25-2_Letter to Marion County Sheriff's Office

58_Q25-3_Marion County Sheriff's Office response


60_Q25_Map25-2_Law enforcement

61_Q26_Recreation and open space

62_Q26_Map26A_Concept S and T plan


64_Q28_Health care

65_Q28-1_Letter to West Marion Community Hospital

66_Q28-2_Letter to Munroe Regional Hospital

67_Q28-3_Letter to Citrus Memorial

68_Q28_Map28-1_Medical facilities hospitals


70_Q29-1_Letter to Duke Energy

71_Q29-2_Duke service availability letter for AZOcalaRanch

72_Q30_Historic and archeological sites

73_Q30-1_Culture and historic assessment (search final 3617)

74_Q30-2_FDOS DHR Letter (2016-5438) CHRA (search)