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Planned Unit Development Rezoning Application (PUD Rezoning), Case Number 20170301Z

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A planned unit development (PUD) is intended to encourage the development of land as an individually planned residential, commercial or industrial development, or as a mixed-use development combining one or more uses in order to encourage flexible and creative concepts of site planning which will preserve the natural amenities of the land by allowing an appreciable amount of land for scenic and functional open space; provide for an efficient use of land resulting in a smaller network of utilities and streets, thereby lowering development and housing costs; and provide for a more desirable environment than would be possible through the strict application of minimum zoning requirements.

The Ocala Ranch PUD application materials are provided below, in individually numbered sections.  Some of the Ocala Ranch DRI-ADA maps are also included for reference with the PUD materials. (NOTE: Several of the below files are large and may take additional time to open.)

000_170301Z_PUD application

00_OcalaRanch_PUD summary text (V2)

01_ExhA_Vicinity maps

02_ExhB_Existing conditions map

03_ExhC_Site photos location map

04_ExhD_Constraints map

05_ExhE_Concept master plan OS parcel

06_ExhF_Village plan

07_ExhG_Amenity plan

08_ExhH_Circulation plan

09_ExhI_Product diagrams sheets 1, 2 and 3

10_ExhJ_Street cross sections sheets 1, and 3

11_ExhK_Non-standard street patterns

12_Entry birds-eye vew

13_General store

14_Golf clubhouse

15_Village 1 club

16_Village 2 club

17_Design guide images

18_House elevation 1

19_House elevation 2

20_House elevation 3

21_House elevation 4

22_House elevation5

23_House elevation 6

24_House elevation7

25_OcalaRanch traffic analysis December2016 (updated)

26_ADA-MapA location- mp

27_ADA-MapB aerial photo

28_ADA-MapC topographic Map

29_ADA-MapD land use map

30_ADA-MapI2 FEMA flood

31_ADA-Map25-1 fire rescue

32_ADA-Map25-2 law enforcement

33_ADA-Map28-1 medical and hospitals