The Marion County Comprehensive Plan is Marion County's key guide for growth management and provides the framework for how the county will continue to develop.

Access the 2018 Evaluation and appraisal report transmittal document here.

Future Land Use element

- Future land use map series:

Map 1. Marion County 2035 future land use map

Map 2. Wells and wellhead protection areas

Map 3. Coastal high-hazard areas and evacuation routes
Map 4. Waterbodies (rivers and lakes)
Map 5. Floodplains per 2008 FEMA maps
Map 6. Wetlands
Map 7. Mineral resources
Map 8. Soils (generalized)
Map 9. Topography (generalized)
Map 10. Archeological and historic areas
Map 11. Environmentally sensitive overlay zones
Map 12. Transfer of rights
Map 13. Springs of protection overlay zones

Map 14. Regional activity centers (RGAC)
Marion Oaks RGAC
Irvine RGAC

Map 15. Development of regional impact and Florida quality development map "H" master plans (DRI/FQD)
Oak Run DRI
- On Top of the World DRI
- Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club FDQ
- Spruce Creek South FQD
- Stonecrest DRI
- The Villages of Marion FQD
- Village of Rainbow Springs DRI

Housing element

Transportation element

Transportation maps
Map 3.1 Marion County Future traffic circulation – 2035 functional classifications
Map 3.2 Marion County future traffic circulation – number of lanes 2015
Map 3.3 Marion County future traffic circulation – number of lanes 2035
Map 3.4 Marion County future transportation corridors 2035
Map 3.5 Marion County existing mass transit
Map 3.6 Marion County rail corridors
Map 3.7 Marion County existing and future bicycle and pedestrian network
Map 3.8 Marion County coastal evacuation routes
Map 3.9 Marion County airport layout

Sanitary sewer element
Potable water element
Solid waste element
Stormwater element
Aquifer recharge element
Conservation element
Recreation and open space element

Intergovernmental coordination element
Capital improvements element
- Five-year schedule of capital improvements; FY 2017/2018 - 2021/2022

Economic element


- Future land use map: detailed sections (for reference only)
Northwest quadrant
Northeast quadrant
Southeast quadrant
Southwest quadrant