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The Zoning division regulates the location, height and size of buildings and structures on property in Marion County and enforces zoning regulations to protect the health, safety and well-being of all who live and work in Marion County. Division activities are guided by the Marion County Land Development Code (LDC). Zoning regulations consist of a county commission-approved zoning map showing the boundaries of a particular district with text describing the approved uses for that land.

Zoning division main functions:

  • Provide zoning designation, and flood zone, aggregation and vesting determinations.
  • Research, review and approve subdivisions of property, including access, dimensional and platting requirements.
  • Administer zoning changes, including the special use notice and hearing process.
  • Maintain, administer and interpret the Land Development Code and its amendments.
  • Review and approve building permit site plans for code compliance.
  • Administer the county’s sign code.
  • Review and determine approval status for: home occupations, special event permits, towers, mines and all other development.

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