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How long will I have to wait for an interview?

One to two weeks typically.
Once a position is closed, all applications are sent directly to the department within one to three days after the closing date. The department may choose to interview all applicants or will choose only the top applicants and contact those applicants directly to set up for an interview. The department typically contacts applicants selected for an interview within two weeks of receiving the applications.

What type of salary can I expect to receive?

Each position is posted and advertised at its full range of pay, from the base (entry) to the maximum level. If the applicant exceeds the minimum qualifications for the position, the department may provide justification and recommend hiring above the minimum entry level for the position, which is also dependent on budget restraints. The salary and benefits combination are very competitive throughout Marion County and with private sector positions.

What are the work hours for positions?

Most positions begin work at 8 a.m. and end at 5 p.m., with a one-hour (unpaid) lunch break. The county realizes the personal needs of employees and attempts to accommodate those needs by restructuring the employees' work hours, which still ensures that the services are being provided effectively and efficiently. Departments may allow employees to work a flexible schedule provided they meet the required total number of work hours that week. For example, employees may work 10-hours-a-day for 4 days, or begin work at 7 a.m. and end their day at 4 p.m. (if working a 40-hour week). The county does have part-time positions, all of which have different work schedules depending on department needs. Emergency personnel (firefighters) work 24-hour shifts with 48 hours off between shifts.

What benefits does the county offer employees?

Regular, full-time employees working 35 hours or more per week are eligible for health, life, dental, vision and long-term disability insurance and will participate in the Florida Retirement System.

Does the county have any volunteer or intern positions?

Marion County has a wide variety of volunteer and internship opportunities at departments ranging from Animal Services and Fire Rescue to Veterans Services and the Public Library System. For more information visit the Volunteer/Interns Program page.

Once I complete and turn in my application to Human Resources office, do I need to complete an application each time I wish to apply for another position?

You are only required to complete one application for employment with the county. If you are interested in a different position after completion of an online application, all that is required by you is to re-log and request that your application be submitted for the position. Your application remains active for 60 days. and you may apply for as many positions as you are interested in and are qualified for during the 60-day time period.