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Road assessment program

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By using the guidelines provided in the Citizens' Standards, Marion County government helps communities improve their subdivision roads. The standards were developed to find a realistic solution for the poor condition of many subdivision roads with the goal of providing quality roadways with 20-year lifespans.

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- Citizens' Standards resolution, 2009
- Transportation, Maintenance and Operations Standards, Office of the County Engineer, 2016
- Road assessment program booklet, MSTU/Assessment, 2017

Just how much can it cost to repair a road?
Common estimates for road repairs range between $125,000 to $500,000 per mile. Here's a breakdown:

Approximate cost ($) Work performed Project details 
500,000 New construction Construction of a completely new, stabilized 8" subgrade LBR 40 (limerock mix), compacted 6" of limerock (LBR 100) and a minimum 1 ¼" compacted asphalt Typed SP 9.5 with minimum 15% recycled mix.
250,000 Reclaiming existing roadway Mixing the old asphalt with majority of the existing limerock with the potential of additional limerock to the mix to meet the minimum thickness of 6"; and ultimately the standard for asphalt thickness; no work to the subgrade or sub-soils.
125,000 Overlaying existing roadway Minimum 1 ¼" compacted asphalt Typed SP 9.5 with minimum 15% recycled mix; no work to the existing limerock, subgrade and sub-soils.

Explore the road assessment program process below:
• The process begins when either citizens or a homeowner’s association approaches the county to make improvements to their existing roadways.

• Inspections are performed by qualified project coordinators and a report is prepared outlining their findings and recommendations is outlined within the report.

• The report is discussed with the citizens that have made the request and ultimately makes the decision to move forward with the petition process.

• A petition is mailed to all of the property owners within the assessment area with stamped return envelopes to be opened after a 60-day voting period.

• The petitions are counted by the Clerk of Circuit Court's auditing department and a report is provided with their findings. 

• Upon receiving a 51% in favor of the voting by the residence a local engineer or engineering firm is retained to evaluate the project and ultimately makes a recommendation for the type of construction and develop the construction plans.

• The plans are then provided along with a scope to Marion County Procurement Services and the construction is bid through the procurement process as mandated by state statute.

• A final public hearing is scheduled and a staff presentation is provided to the commission along with public comment for either approval or denial of the project.