The Marion County MSTU/Assessment department works with residential groups to procure services or resources in subdivision areas where property owners would like to see improvements. 

MSTU/Assessment programs, paid for specifically by those who use the services, offer property owners options to achieve their goals of road paving, road maintenance, street lighting, community centers and more for their subdivisions that would not otherwise be available through general tax dollars.

Department programs include:
- MSTUs (municipal service taxing units; funded by ad valorem (value) taxes).
- MSBUs (municipal service benefit units; funded by non-ad valorem (value) taxes).
- Road improvements.

Did you know?
MSTU/Assessment is responsible for the implementation and management of more than 50 MSTUs and MSBUs within Marion County as well as the employees at each of these locations. Through its road improvements program, the department has been able to assist in the paving of more than 600 miles of roadway within subdivisions in the county.

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