Asset Management services include:
- Maintenance, upgrade, and operation of the Office of the County Engineer’s physical assets (roads, bridges, culverts, signs, signals and more).
- Initial field asset collections, periodic inspection scheduling and data maintenance for maps and other reports.

Survey services include:
- Field surveys for in-house design.
- Control network maintenance.
- Review of plats and private development plans.
Click here to access survey control data.

Design services include:
- Conceptualization and design for road projects identified in the Transportation Improvement Program.
- Design project review, inspection and monitoring.

Right-of-Way Acquisition services include:
- Real property acquisition for capital and noncapital safety, drainage, utilities and roadway expansion/realignment projects.

Construction Inspection services include:
- Engineering project and maintenance of traffic inspections on all construction sites overseen by the department.

Property Management services include:
- Leasing and management of real estate owned by Marion County.
- Plat vacation and road closing applications processing
- Surplus property sales facilitation (find the latest listings here).