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Commercial Park Passes

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Businesses, whether individuals, organizations or corporations, that use county-owned and/or managed parks for commercial business must obtain a Commercial Use Park Pass. If you're not sure if you require a pass, please contact Parks and Recreation at 352-671-8560 or email.


The cost for the Commercial Use Park Pass varies by type of business. If a business has a fleet of vehicles, the annual permit will include two passes. For each additional vehicle, the fee will be reduced 50 percent from the initial cost.

 See the rate sheet here

Commercial Use Park Passes are only available at Parks and Recreation's main office, 111 SE 25th Ave., Ocala. You may download the application and bring to the office during our regular hours; Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. excluding holidays.

Lost passes can be replaced for $50 per pass and will expire on the original purchase date of the lost pass.

 Fill out application here. 

Why Commercial Use Park Passes?

The Board of County Commissioners authorized the creation of the Commercial Use Park Pass in November 2015 to help Parks and Recreation recover costs associated with the maintenance and management of county parks and to help protect our natural resources. Businesses operating at or through a county owned and/or managed facility increase the wear and tear on certain amenities and must help ease the burden of repairing or replacing such items. 

What happens if we do not have a Commercial Use Park Pass?

If it is found that you are operating a business at or through a county owned/or managed facility without the proper pass, you will be informed of the requirement and may be asked to leave the facility until a pass is properly displayed. Repeat offenders will be trespassed from all Marion County parks for no less than one calendar year.