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Ma Barker House Museum

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Contact Marion County Parks and Recreation at 352-671-8560 or via email.

Looking at this home nestled among oaks on the sleepy shores of Lake Weir, you

probably wouldn't guess it was the site of a shootout between a notorious crime family and the FBI. But that's just what happened in 1935. This house was the end of the line for Ma Barker and her son Fred, thanks to the FBI's efforts.

Bullet holes still riddle the walls and furniture, and most of the furniture still stands in the same place as it did that day, frozen in time. In 2016, the property was sold, but the sale didn't include the house.

The Board of County Commissioners voted to preserve this house of historical significance by moving it from its current site to Carney Island Recreation and Conservation Area (a county park). The county plans to open the house as a museum so visitors can walk through a piece of history - the last hideout of one of the last famous gangster families, a testament to the storybook triumph of good over evil, and a tribute to the FBI and law enforcement officers who serve bravely across the country.

You can be part of preserving history.
Your donation of any amount will help to preserve the Ma Barker house with historical accuracy and open the site to residents and visitors from across the country.