Baseline Landfill

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The Baseline Landfill is located at:

5601 SE 66th Street Ocala, FL 34480

To contact the main office please call (352) 671-8465.

Marion County residents who live in unincorporated areas of the county pay a solid waste assessment and can dispose of most materials at recycling centers located throughout the county at no additional cost. If residents want to dispose of more than what is allowed at the recycling centers, they can use the Baseline Landfill and pay the below fees.

Local businesses and residents of incorporated areas of the county do not pay a solid waste assessment and must pay the below fees at the Baseline Landfill or contract with a private franchise hauler for disposal of garbage, recyclables, etc. For more information on business disposal, call Solid Waste at 352-671-8465.

Landfill hours of operation: Monday-Saturday, 7 a.m.-5 p.m. Click here for recycling center and office hours.

Marion County Baseline Landfill fees

Type    Per 100 pounds    Per ton

Class 1 and Class 3 Waste
Household garbage, furniture, agriculture,
commercial, construction and demolition and electronics.

  $2.10   $42
Mixed loads - all types
Any mix of different types of waste.
  $2.10   $42
White goods/metals
Refrigerators, stoves, washing machines, freezers, etc.
  $2.10   $42
Yard waste - all amounts   $1.25   $25
Tires - Passenger and light duty truck 
           Off road/equipment
(Residents who pay the solid waste assessment can
dispose of five tires per year at no charge).


 Special handling (e.g. asbestos, latex, etc.)   $5   $100

 *Note: minimum charge is $2.