The Marion County Utility Authority was created in 1995 pursuant to Chapter 87-460, Laws of Florida and Marion County Code, appendix A, article XI. This citizen advisory board meets periodically and provides input to the Board of County Commissioners on utility rate and usage issues.

Purpose: To own and operate utilities in Marion County.
Created: June 6, 1995.
Creation documents: Chapter 87-460, Laws of Florida; Marion County Ordinance 95-22.
Local governing authority: Marion County Board of County Commissioners.
Statutory authority: Local governing authority appoints.
Revenue source: Fees.

This board has the authority to establish and change the rates and charges for utilities operated by the authority.


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Chapter 87-460, Laws of Florida (see page 107).
Marion County Ordinance 95-22.
Marion County Code of Ordinances Appendix A, article XI.
Article IV, Boards and Commissions, Article IV, division 4.