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Water is essential for almost every commodity, industry and activity that makes up the fabric of our community.

In Marion County, about 60 percent of our water use is for our homes and lawns. Agriculture uses about 20 percent for food production, and industry and golf courses make up the rest of our daily use. Because we use most of our water at home, small changes can make a big difference and help free up substantial water to help meet future needs.

Water efficiency is an important part of living in Florida.

We rely exclusively on the Floridan Aquifer to provide us with clean drinking water. It is our responsibility to preserve this resource not only for ourselves, but also to ensure that future generations can have a reliable source of clean drinking water.

Indoor efficiency

Large appliances such as laundry machines or dishwashers use the most water. Replace them with water-efficient models if possible. Click here for more tips!

Outdoor efficiency

We typically get enough rain to maintain healthy landscapes, so only use your irrigation system when it is needed. Click here for tips to save water and money!